Saturday, March 26, 2011

crysis 2 + my specs

Finally a good FPS game!
Graphics are amazing although it's a bit laggy on my PC
Great action, shooting, aiming, nice-looking enemies.
Story is ok, but who cares about story in that type of game.
AI is also ok, nothing special but it's enough.
I love the suit, and powers it gives. It makes you fell strong, better than average soldier.
Weapons, and mods - great, well balanced, that's how it sould look like in good fps game.
I recommend it to anyone who's PC can run it.
If you like games like MW2 wich gives you just good action, you gonna love Crysis 2!

My specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2,50Ghz
4gb RAM
Radeon 4670 
Windows 7
Samsung 21,5'' screen, 1920x1080

Next month I'm going to buy a new graphics card because it's the only thing that sucks in my PC.
Any recomendations?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You tried it? No? Then DON'T.
I was waiting for this game for long time, but when i finally played it, I was like "wtf is this?"
Seriously i rather bite my finger off than be forced to finish it.
I don't know about PS3 or X360 version, but the PC one is one of worst optimisation in past 2 years. 
Also, why do i have to wait in front of EVERY doors in the game and wait for somebody to open them? Didn't my character learned how to open doors when he was a kid? Well, that's pretty obvious since he can't even talk. I hate that sort of things in games.
Idea for the story was awesome, too bad thay screw it up.
And guess what? Unistall.exe

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, few days ago I started watching "Heroes" and so far it's awesome! I mean, it's not a typical "LOL WE HAZ POWERZ WE SAVE WORLD AND KILL VILLANS HEHE". Actually the story is pretty complicated and main characters are just normal people who discovers that they aren't THAT normal and basically they don't know what to do with both power and the knowlegde. But screw the series, there is something more important. HER:

                      Hayden Panettiere

When I saw here I was like: "Oh my God i'm in love with her! When i'll die, police will find my cold body in front of my pc with Hayden on the screen."

I mean, of course i've seen her in some movies or series (which of course i can't remember) but never felt this way about her before. She's SO GORGEOUS, just LOOK:

She's the cutest actress of this times for me, seriously. 
Jessica Alba? Forget her. 
Jeniffer Aniston? lolwut
Natalie Portman? nope.
Just Haydan. Look at this cute smile of hers, look man:

brb, heroes s01e15

Dragon Age FTW

Few words about storyline.
It's so freaking awesome that my head exploded. Several times.
Seriously, the whole romance with morrigan and the part with a child - it's mind-blowing.
Quest with Andrasta's ashes? Damn, that's something big.
For the whole game i felt like i'm doing something important, not like in the other games.
Why don't they do games with such epic stories all the time? Im tired of plots like "DERP SAVE THE WORLD BY KILLING ONE BIG BAD BOSS WITH HUGE SWORD"

Also, don't you ever mention Dragon Age 2 when i'm around. It's a damn joke if you compare it to Origins.

Monday, March 21, 2011

AC Brotherhood

So, have you played it?
It's awesome but in the same time it sucks BALLS big time.
I mean, c'mon i wanted new assassins creed with new character inside Animus, not the same boring Ezio. I'd be glad even if they bring Altair back.
The fighting system, side quests and jumping on the roofs are amazing but it all were already in AC2 so basically AC:B looks like a cheap DLC which pushes story forward just a bit. And finally we could play as Desmond for a little longer, but that's still not very much.
What times do you think they should put into Animus in AC3? I'd love to see pre-war Europe, maybe Poland?
Let me know in comments ;)
what are you waiting for?

Cats are awesome